Website or Apps Localization Services

The world is becoming mobile – in fact, it has already done so. Nonetheless, according to market research site Statista, the apps and webapps market is expected to double in size in the next years.

Our agency makes the process of website localization simple, with affordable rates, expert native-speaking translators, and a cutting-edge translation platform. Open up new Romanian market and grow internationally with our website/webapp localization services.

To fully grasp why website localization is so critical for any business, consider how the rest of the world uses the internet. Only 25% of the 4 billion daily internet users, for example, are English speakers, and more than half of all Google searches are in a language other than English.

Furthermore, according to market research studies, a massive 85 percent of internet users will not buy a product if they cannot first read about it in their native language, and 56 percent of people believe that localized product information is more important than price. What is clear is that focusing solely on English-speaking customers is restrictive for a business. That’s why, through our localization services, we are opening Romanian market to your business.

What is website localization?

Localization is the process of adapting the language, appearance and functionality of a website, game, mobile or web app, etc. for foreign language markets. The end goal of localization is a website that:

A website localization project may at first appear daunting, but the end results—a website open to millions of potential new customers—is key to the long-term growth of any business.

Why localize your website or app?

Making a good first impression is especially important when dealing with international customers. Because everyone prefers to read in their native language, localization will aid in capturing and retaining the attention of new customers.

Having a fully localized website or app aids in the credibility of your brand in your target markets. Quality multilingual content effectively reduces customer misunderstandings and misrepresentation of your brand on the international stage.

Increased sales are the ultimate goal of website localization. The return on investment for website localization is enormous; a solid international strategy combined with high-quality translations can make or break your profit margin.

What can you localize with us?

  • Web apps – Any kind of web apps — backend, frontend, single page, blogs — you name it.
  • Mobile apps – Upload any mobile platform language files.
  • Games – Our company is trusted by many leading game developers around the world.
  • Documents – Upload your DOCX, PPTX, XLSX and static HTML files and they will get translated into Romanian.
  • Marketing e-mails for Romanian market– Translate emails to speak your customer’s language (Romanian) and grow engagement.
  • IoT – We support most popular localization file formats.

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